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Where to Buy Tennis Rackets

For the very best tennis racket advice, you cannot just go any old high street sports shop, you will need to go to a dedicated racket sports specialist. There are many tennis racket sports specialists dotted around the UK, a few of them we have listed below. You can usually tell if you are in a tennis racket sports shop, as rackets will be prominently displayed in the shop, and they should have at least one stringing machine.

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Internet Tennis Racket Specialists

Buying Tennis Rackets from eBay

We all know eBay can offer a great bargain when it comes to purchasing goods over the internet. However we see loads of FAKE tennis rackets bought from eBay at a fraction of the original price. Our best advice would be to avoid purchasing any new tennis rackets from eBay full stop. However if you want a racket that is now discontinued, eBay can be a good place to look, but be wary as any discontinued frames should be extremely difficult to find brand new. For more guidance, checkout these links:



  • Maurice Robinson Sports

    Buy tennis rackets from Maurice Robinson Sports

    Maurice Robinson Sports is the Midlands leading provider of tennis rackets and tennis equipment. They are dedicated to providing the very best advice when it comes to choosing the right tennis rackets to suit your playing style.