Tennis Rackets


What Are Tennis Rackets Made From?

Modern day tennis rackets are made from a high modulus graphite and/or carbon fibre, which is used to keep the frame lightweight and stiff for increased racket head stability and performance. These graphites and carbon fibres allow for more aerodynamic shapes to be made which increases the speed in which the racket can travel through the air. The use of these materials in racket manufacture, allow the tennis rackets to be strung at higher stringing tensions without weakening the frame. High string tensions are used by tennis players to gain more control and feel from their tennis rackets.

Other materials known to be used in the manufacturer of tennis rackets are titanium and tungsten. Both of these materials are used with graphite and carbon fibre to give the frame more stiffness where necessary.

Tennis rackets are mass produced in factories all over the world, however more recently they are being made in China and Taiwan. Yonex still manufacture some of their tennis rackets in factories in Japan using a higher quality graphite to their tennis rackets being made in China.

Some cheaper tennis rackets are made from aluminium, these are entry level tennis rackets, usually much heavier than graphite frames, are more durable (they bend not snap), so good for recreational use or back garden play.

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