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Babolat Tennis Rackets

Since 1875 Babolat have been manufacturing tennis string. They are known for being the first company to manufacture tennis strings from natural gut. More recently in 1994, Babolat started manufacturing tennis rackets, with their famous Pure Drive tennis rackets and distributing them around Europe.

Babolat tennis rackets gained in popularity in the late 90’s early 2000’s, when Carlos Moya started using their Pure Drive series of tennis rackets. Around the same time Babolat started targeting the junior games rising stars, and signed them to their tennis rackets as early as possible. Babolat reached the hight of it’s popularity in 2005 when it was the most used tennis racket manufacturer at the Australian Open, over taking Wilson, HEAD and Prince.

Traditionally head light, heavier tennis rackets were optimised for control, Babolat introduced some slightly thicker beamed control orientated tennis rackets that provided a lot of power from all areas of the court. Originally this proved to be very popular with clay court players as they were able to hit the ball harder for longer at the back of the court.

Babolat have recently developed their range of tennis rackets, to offer quality frames to all styles of players. They have developed the Babolat Pure Drive range to suit players who want a tennis racket that rewards aggressive play. The AeroPro Drive range is the most recent range of tennis rackets developed by Babolat, this range is designed for players who hit aggressively with a lot of spin. Finally Babolat also have the Storm range of tennis rackets. This range is a bit more conventional, providing a lot of control from a thinner beam.

Who Uses Babolat Tennis Rackets

Babolat tennis rackets are very popular on tour with Rafa Nadal using the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT, Andy Roddick who uses the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick tennis rackets, and Jo-Wilfred Songa who uses the Babolat Pure Drive tennis rackets. Babolat are also very popular in the ladies game, with Dinara Safina using the Babolat Aero Storm GT tennis rackets, along with Kim Clijsters and Li Na (French Open winner 2011) both using the Babolat Pure Drive.

Where to Buy Babolat Tennis Rackets

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